I am alone in this but I have four reasons to stay

Raising four beautiful children is no child’s play

I am doing it on my own, I’ve got to do my best

Because in life this is the biggest test

Proving to yourself and the world that these kids you can raise

Doing it for them, expecting no praise


To mould a human being into what you think is right

And enduring their hatred after every little fight

And plastering their knees and consoling their sorrow

To only be dealing with the same ordeals tomorrow

Nurturing and feeding your angels, diverse in their ways

Being the best role model for them to look up to always

These are only a few of the duties you deal with as a mother

Not forgetting your duties you need to fulfill as their father…


My downfall with my kids is that I am not very strict

And keeping that in mind they will try all kinds of tricks

The father is supposed to be the authoritarian in the house

But that falls upon me now, because there is no spouse

So I try my best to teach them right from wrong

And can only pray that my teachings are not forgone


But even with all the responsibilities and duties

I wouldn’t want to exchange anything for my cuties

They fill my life with so much happiness and joy

Never a dull moment, no matter how much they can annoy

Being a single mom is a full time position

I take my job very seriously, and don’t take lightly on my decision

To raise my kids with the best of my ability

So one day they can raise their children with the greatest nobility


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I AM SAD, I just feel sad

Because nothing about our relationship was bad

And I am disillusioned right now about life

Realising that I could never be your wife

And even though my heart’s in a million pieces and breaking

And it feels like my heart can’t stop aching

I know that this too shall pass, this sad feeling

And then it will be time for the healing


If I sit back now and remember

Our very first date in September

Never did I know, how close we would grow

Because you never did understand the words “taking it slow”

And for two whole years we were inseparable as a pair

Where one day away from you was too much to bear

And as the days went by and the hours grew longer

Our love and bond for each other just grew stronger


I AM SAD, I feel distraught

But I cannot deny that life lessons were taught

We learnt from each other, made a very good team

I was your baby love and you were my boyfriend supreme

You have matured so much since the day we met

And throughout our relationship I can’t think of one regret


And even though sometimes I feel like our relationship was an illusion

I have come to a very big conclusion

That even though I started realising we wouldn’t last

I would still not change anything that happened in our past

Over time, people change and so too changes the game

But the memories we share will always remain the same

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You’re only as good as your next sale


You are only as good as your next sale, you are only an asset if you perform

Forget about whether you are human and trying your best, true to form

Treating employees like they are expendable at this place is a norm

No wonder, on those rough days, my manager comes down on us like a hailstorm


Sales is in my blood, it’s where I can express my true nature

But I need the proper guidance, in which I can mature

But being watched and prohibited makes me feel cross

Because at the end of the day with all the monitoring, it will be at the company’s loss

A free soul like me can never be tamed, I should be set free

And be allowed to work at my own pace and be more carefree

So that I can once again perform the miracles that you’ve become accustomed to

And put both Advisor and Manager on the map again, a brilliant breakthrough


But sadly if your own team is against you

And wishes only the poorest of ill feelings in favour of you

Then what kind of chance would a man like me stand

When a team mate stares with a smile, but behind his back, a dagger in hand

It’s unfortunate when colleagues can’t be happy for each other’s good fortune

But I guess that’s the game of sales, tread carefully with caution…


This environment is getting too much I feel like I’m being smothered

But if you are not performing at your peak no-one could be bothered

As long as the money rolls in and the clients keep signing

And the premiums increase, and the policies keep growing and nobody’s declining

That’s when all the fakes reveal themselves and you feel like you’re balling

But it’s just a manager giving you false hope and failure calling


Because in the world of sales, at the end of the day

That glory and victory is not here to stay

As I mentioned before, you’re only as good as your next sale

And will be remembered not by how good you were, but by your last fail…

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Sometimes the workplace can be a bit…



I’m sick of all the fakes, the lies and the pretence

This environment is getting way too intense

Being tense and uneasy is what I feel like all the time

People projecting their own issues on my sorry behind


Self pity and frustration are always on my mind

A little bit of self esteem is very hard to find

My body is over worked, my mind a total mess

It feels like I’ve come to the end, I must confess…


My days go by blurry, my days go by slow

It doesn’t matter what we do, being here is a no-go

I can’t find the time to define, what’s a lie and what’s real

I can’t see the difference, It’s all too surreal


Where is the starry eyed lil employee who couldn’t wait to start her career

Now she’s sitting at her desk, face in the keyboard, filled with fear

Her heart is filled with gloom for yet another day at the office

Not even happiness can exude from her work accomplice


As the years go by, and she reaches retirement

And the company is already seeking her replacement

All she can think of is lost opportunities and chances

If only she had warmed up to the job offers and advances

All she can hope for now is to pray

That at home her retirement will go smoothly each day

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My Inspiration


Mika-eel Mohamed Is One Of The Greatest Souls I’ve Come To Meet

A Man With True Stature, Who Can Stand On His Own Two Feet!

He Thinks For Himself, Will Never Succumb To Peer Pressure

He Takes His Time In Life, Does Things At His Own Leisure

He Has A Witty Personality, Always A Joke Or Two To Share

A Very Knowledgeable Guy, Always Has Some Advice To Spare


He Is A Very Good Boeta And His Brothers Adore Him

With Ayoub, Uwais And Isa Altogether, They Make A Great Team

Dad Sharief And Mommy Yasmin Have Done A Stellar Job Raising This Young Lad

And His Track Record Proves It, Since He Never Attempts To Do Anything Bad….

He Was Reared With Good Morals And Values In His Life At Any Stage

And He Was The Perfect Son To His Parents From A Very Young Age


He’s Focused On His Deen, Makes His Salaah On Time Everyday

He Loves His Religion, Believes That Islam Is The Way

He’s Focused On His Career, Does Everything 150% All The Time

Building A Future For Himself, While He’s Still In His Prime

Never Have I Met A More Focused Individual In My Years

Whom Everyone Looks Up To, Including His Peers


Never A Dull Moment When Mika-eel Is Around

When He Is In The Area, Happiness & Laughter Will Be Found

He Loves His White Golf, That Car Is His Pride

He Loves His Old-School Songs, Using The Words As A Guide

His Nickname Used To Be Magic, For Obvious Reasons

And His Mood Will Stay Pleasant, No Matter What The Seasons

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Struggles, strife, worries and pain

Is this my life? Where is the gain?

Financial stress, my road in digression

All this can easily lead to depression

I feel like my life is one big recession

All this can easily lead to suppression


Fears of the past and what could have been

If only my senses allowed for the unforeseen

Fears of the future and the unknown

If only my senses could allow for the known

Fears of the present and the struggles that be

If only my senses allow for me to see


I cannot change what is

I can change what may be

But yet when I try my utmost

The outcome is always the worst

It’s not for lack of trying

I just feel like all my reserves are dying


I wonder if there is hope for someone like me

With no formal tertiary education and no degree

Yet I’m a hard worker and the best at what I do

But the lazy one at work will always be a grade higher than you…

These are thoughts running through my mind

What have I done to be punished like this all the time?


Is there a way out? Should I keep being strong?

But it feels to me like I’ve been waiting now for so long

For an answer, for a plan, for a solution…

But nothing seems to come to a conclusion

Is this my life? Should I just be happy and accept?

Or should I start sulking in a world of regret?